Muhammad (PBUH) came more than 1400 years ago. He was receiving divine revelation from the Almighty Allah, and he was assigned to spread the message of Allah throughout the world, unrestricted by time, place, race or colour. Muhammad (PBUH) is the last of Allah Messengers and Prophets and his message was the last between Heaven and earth.

Some books that dealt with Mohammad (PBUH) have talked about the person who, through the course of 25 years only which is the period of his Da'wah (the call), was able to change the face of the earth, and his call spread everywhere. Such books dealt with his political and military genius. Other books dealt with the military or Jihad side of his life in defence of his call. Most of the books have overlooked a very important aspect of his life (PBUH), which is his status of being a human as the other human-being: a father, a brother and a husband.



Before the birth of the prophet Muhammad (saaw, Peace be upon him)
The Birth and Youth 0f Muhammad (Saaw , Peace Be Upon Him)
The Revelation
The Persecution against The Messenger of Allah (swt) Muhammad (saaw)
The First Aqabah Pledge
The second Aqabah Pledge
The plot to Kill Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him, saaw)

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