Arab Cases



"True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice"

Martin Luther King


Conflict is actual or perceived opposition of needs, values and interests. A clash of interests, values, actions or directions often sparks a conflict. Conflicts refer to the existence of that clash. The word is applicable from the instant that the clash occurs. Even when we say that there is a potential conflict we are implying that there is already a conflict of direction even though a clash may not yet have occurred.


Palestine is situated on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea-in south west Asia. There has been a conflict between Palestinians and Israelis over this area. Palestine is the right of whom? 

The war in Iraq is considered a catastrophe or a blessing to the Middle East and the world?


We are trying through this series of episodes to direct a spot-light on these very controversial conflicts to find out the reply to this question:


What is the right of whom?

Palestine......the right of who?
The Damage to Iraq
A Message From A woman
Woman's Inner Beauty
The Truth behind The Lie
Arab societies practices...Cultural or religious
Who Throw The Bomb?
Please Stop! We Want Peace
The Elusive Peace
Devote Our Lives to Making this Stop
Lemon Tree
Muslims and Christmas
Media and The Israel-Palestine Conflict
What comes next?!!
The other side of the story!
My Name Is Khan
We Condemn the Attack of Israel on the Aid Ships
Look At Israel
Why Are Jews Persecuted?
Among the Righteous
Peace Maker
AVIDEO of an Israeli soldier dance around a bound and blindfolded Palestinian women
I am Egyptian and I am Proud
Egypt's Revolution: How Democracy Can Work in the Middle East
Will Tahrir Dreamers See Real Democracy?
Strike like an Egyptian _From The UK

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